Fish/Water Management Tools Server
Please choose mode of operation:
  • In-season management

  • Training mode (re-set May 13 2010)

    This version of the training mode database uses non-obfuscated, historical years from 1974 (Jan.1.1974) -to- 2008 (Sep.30.2008)

    Have a try at doing better than past water managers, given you know that years were dry, average, wet!

    Note: by design, only one user can game with a historical water year at a time, so, be the first to claim your favourite year!

Technical assistance for the Okanagan Fish/Water Management system is available by contacting:
OKFWM Administrator
ESSA Technologies Ltd.
Suite 300, 1765 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 5C6
Phone: (604) 733-2996
Fax: (604) 733-4657
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